Plastic Supplier in South Africa | Plastic Formulation ...- บริษัท kadma sanitizer ,Plastics supplier in South Africa. Polymers supplier, formulations and consulting. Supplying a range of virgin plastics and recycle plastics in Africa.Siam ASK Co.,Ltd.SIAMASK Corporation Co., Ltd. 77/517 Moo 5, Navamin Rd., Klongkum, Bungkum, Bangkok 10240 Thailand. Tel. 02-947-9829 Fax. 02-947-9830. E-mail : [email protected]

Thai Kodama Co.,Ltd.

Thai kodama co.,Ltd. Plastics products manufacturer The vacuum forming process is another molding system by heating plastic sheets or plastic rolls, then forming into a vacuum mold.: With various machines of semi-automatic, and continuous types and modern technology, TKC is capable in producing plastic vacuum forming parts supplied to refrigeration and air-conditioner automobile, shipping and ...


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